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Our Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in our adoptable pets!

The goal of our domestic animal adoption program is to match homeless animals with caring, responsible animal lovers.

Adoption Process At A Glance

Tell Us You're Interested!

Have one of our adoptables caught your eye? 

Reach out to us any time with questions you may have - or get the process rolling by filling out our short Adoption Interest Form.


Let's talk and set-up a day & time for you to meet our adoptables.

When you fill out our Adoption Interest Form, we'll chat on the phone and both decide if you and the adoptable animal could be a good fit.  If so, we'll schedule a meet-and-greet between you and the adoptable pet.

Take Time To Decide

Don't rush into the decision to adopt.  Think it over first.

Adopting a pet is a commitment.  After you've met our adoptable pets, take a little time to think about how it went.  Once you've made your decision, we'll chat again!

Adoption Day

Ready to proceed with the adoption?

This is the exciting part - adoption day!  If we both agree you're the right match for the adoptable pet, we will finalize the adoption.  There is an adoption contract for you to sign and we'll be in contact with you after the adoption to help ensure a smooth transition.

Policies And Procedures


Due to the COVID pandemic, the following policies and procedures have been put in place for the safety of us and you:

  • In-person Meet-and-Greets are limited to 1-hour.  We are also more than happy to arrange virtual meet-and-greets using Facetime or webcam! 

  • Masks must be properly worn at all times by everyone during in-person interactions. 

  • If you or anyone you have been in contact with have possible symptoms of COVID (or even just feeling under the weather), please notify us right away and we will reschedule your appointment.

Reference & Home Checks

To ensure our adoptable animals go to caring, responsible animal lovers, we will ask you for references.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vet references - if you have pets, or have had them in the past, you will need to contact your vet(s) and give them permission to speak with us

  • Personal references - we may ask for the name and phone number of three individuals who can provide a personal reference (e.g. friends, family, neighbors, animal trainers)

  • Landlord reference - if you rent or if you live in someone else's home, we will need to speak with that person to ensure there are no concerns with your having a pet

  • Home visit - we may want to come to your place of residence to ensure the environment is properly set-up for the animal you are adopting and to meet any resident pets; we may also conduct a post-adoption visit at your place of residence within a month or two of the adoption to ensure the transition is going smoothly.

Outdoor Pets & Declawing Surgery

Animals adopted from our rescue:

  • are not to be "outdoor pets",  To put it simply, there are too many negatives that outweigh the positives of having an outdoor pet.  There are safe options that you can offer  your pet to allow it to experience the outdoors, without the danger - such as outdoor catios or training your cat to walk with a harness on-leash.  Additionally, our rescue is also committed to keeping wildlife safe and that means keeping unnatural predators (like outdoor pets) out of their natural environment.

  • are not to be declawed.  Declawing deprives cats of natural behaviors and defenses.  It can also cause physical pain and behavioral problems.  Healthy alternatives are available, such as buying/using nail caps, providing plenty of acceptable scratching posts/pads, clipping claws regularly and using deterrents such as double-sided sticky tape.

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